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E-learning, which employs electronic media as part of delivery system and encompasses diverse learning strategies and technologies including computer based learning, web based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration is fast becoming popular all over the world because of its distinctive features.

Its cost effectiveness, flexibility of learning anytime anywhere, uniform delivery to all users reducing chances of misinterpretations, promotion of team learning and collaboration, and easier access to global community, has given it a competitive edge over the traditional method of learning.

Availability of adequate infrastructure made NeoDocto an ideal platform for e-learning and the NeoDocto Inc & Scot International aims to be the ‘e-learning hub globally.

The Role of E - Learning

E-learning enables more people to access education in a convenient manner

The relatively cheaper cost of e-learning is likely to reduce production costs in the economy.

E-learning can promote technology transfer from technologically advanced countries to India through knowledge transfer.

E - Learning in the Training Centers

In order to prepare the nation to meet challenges of the knowledge economy,NeoDocto has been investing a lot of resources in education sector.

Currently,there are 80 full-fledged e-learning solutions which offer quality higher education backed by the state of art technology – Learning Management System.

NeoDocto has its global headquarters in USA to develop and deliver online education. All these courses use modern technology to provide an interactive and efficient learning environment.

Factors for E - Learning Growth

The major drivers of e-learning market growth globally are adequate infrastructure, rapid advancement of ICT sectors, globalization, demographic changes, rising demand for knowledge and outsourcing.


Availability of adequate infrastructure and Data centres, helps NeoDocto to become the e-learning hub globally.

NeoDocto has most advanced software architectures among the e-learning solution providers.

The advancement of IT sector makes education accessible and affordable to millions of students.

The explosive growth of internet penetration globally opens the door of “anytime anywhere” studies.

Faculties in the training centres now can easily use technology to support classroom instructions. Technology oriented training can be more effective in terms of content retention in the workplace.

Moreover, organizations can reduce time and cost by adopting technology based e-learning.


Liberalization of trade and rapid growth of information technology have made the world much smaller than ever before.

Businesses are now moving all around the world in order to get economical work force and capital. A large number of mergers and acquisitions have taken place in the past few years for the sake of competitive advantage.Such business expansions helped many companies to emerge as a global Company.

NeoDocto and Scot International have collaborated with many multinational corporations, and governments which have huge requirements of work forces and accept diverse cultures.

Demand for Skilled & Knowledge Professional

India is fast moving towards a knowledge economy which requires higher level of education, computer literacy, analytically skilled human resources.

Ironically, there is a pronounced dearth of skilled manpower and NeoDocto is striving hard to fill the gap by producing additional knowledge professionals.

E-learning is considered very effective for the development of such skills and NeoDocto is aiming to meet the shortfall of knowledge workers by wider applications of e-learning tools.

Higher demand for outsourcing is another factor that drives e-learning market growth. In order to achieve core competencies, many companies globally are now concentrating on e-learning enabled training centres to recruit their staff.

E-learning is considered a key strategy for future human capital development globally


To make students’ knowledge accessible to the world anytime, anywhere

To create employment opportunities in the local and Global job market

To create a channel to access and apply for opportunities

To replace paper and printer with a personalized website address

To bring gender equality among students

To reduce urban and rural divide

E - Learning Market Growth

E-Learning is growing like never before. Now is the time to partner with NeoDocto.

By 2025, the global market for E Learning will be $240 Billion. More Governments, Universities and Training centres and training centres are investing in eLearning activities to empower students and boost their revenues.

The time is now to partner with a proven E learning leader in this exciting and wildly expanding industry. Don’t miss out.

Focus on the Future

New ways of learning always demand new technologies – you need a partner that’s thinking about the next big thing.

NeoDocto is at the forefront of eLearning innovation for the modern learner.

Support our vision for eLearning as we turn it into a reality.

Reap the Benefits

Expand your portfolio, earn industry-leading commissions and establish recurring revenue streams.

Build your brand and improve your bottom line by partnering with the global leader in eLearning.

Partner with NeoDocto and become a part of our family.

Leverage world-class sales, marketing and technical enablement, and support from your dedicated partner executive. Together, we’re better.

Courses We Offer

NeoDocto is a proven force in eLearning with 45 certificate courses which includes 36 courses in digital marketing and 9 courses in personality development.

Our technology has been recognized as the top choice for Elearning. We’re the right partner to have, at the right time. We are driven by creating experiences that deliver results for your training centre and for your students.

Every NeoDocto Course offers a video course and course completion certificate.

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Value Proposition

NeoDocto provides the highest quality courses at the lowest possible price so that our resellers can generate high volume sales with good margins for themselves while providing an excellent value proposition to their students.

It’s not just about increasing profits. It’s also about helping you create value-driven relationships with your students that last and help you grow your training centres.

Students wants complete solutions to their pain points, so instead of purchasing from other businesses, solve their problem and at the same time, create a new revenue stream for your training centres by providing them with everything they need.

You can do this – and increase your value proposition - by bundling E-Learning with your existing teaching methods. If we do not have the courses you're looking for, we can develop it for you!

Intellectual Property is the principal website which offers E-learning service capabilities. The portal is robust, secure, integrated system for learners to create personalized online learning environments.

These software assets distinguish from competitors. Our E-Learning portal delivers a fully integrated solution that is scalable for large student subscriptions and are thus valuable components of this business.

The platform is rich in its content of various subjects, courses, video tutorials and summaries which will collectively referred to as content and will form an integral part of this platform, which will be part of this intellectual property.

All our servers are watched and maintained 24 hours a day and 7 days a week which guarantees 24/7 uptime.


NeoDocto has formed strategic collaborations with 21 state governments in India to distribute our E-learning and Health education services.

These relationships ensure that is highly recognized and valued. This has increased our visibility in the marketplace and create new areas of revenue.

Also, building these partnerships allows us to offer an increasingly broader range of services to our reseller Training centres.

Partner with NeoDocto

Provide your students with award-winning online courses. The reseller Program offers you the perfect opportunity to increase your service portfolio and add a new stream of revenue to your Training centres.

The size of the E-Learning market was estimated to be over $165 billion in 2015 and is likely to grow by 46% between 2016 and 2023, exceeding $240 Billion.Online learning adoption and usage has increased by 263% over the past 12 years.

Online learning increases learner interaction and engagement by up to 77%. Online learning is preferred by learners.In fact, 84% of learners think online learning technology helps instructors teach more effectively.

Why Partner with NeoDocto

Classroom-based training usually limits the amount of time that you spend and interact with your Students. With E-Learning, Students interact with your Training centres over extended periods of time This not only keeps Students loyal to your training centre, presenting you with an opportunity to create reoccurring sales this will open a lot of business opportunities that will help your Training centres to secure a larger market share and revenue opportunities. Through E-Learning, you can extend your reach and break into new markets.

Enhance Student Loyalty



Excellent Reputation

Since the inception of our parent company and through our network of international partners, we have managed to build our biggest asset – our proven track-record. We take pride in the fact that students love our courses. By providing our courses to your students, you can be rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality courses available. Once you’ve signed-up as a reseller, we are with

you every step of the way. We assist you with all the resources and support you need to ensure that your E-Learning endeavours are a massive success.

Bring added value to your training centre. byoffering your students our educational solutions, interactive platforms and alearning methodology with content which is exclusive and unique in the marketand strengthen the loyalty of your students, offering them the best e-learningtechnologies and educational platforms of the market.

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